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row for her sister's crime. >> and it was nearly the perfect get away. this eagle managed to flee 70 miles after swiping a video camera but he couldn't outfly his ego. we got the mug shot as this bird bandit reveals his identity. >> keep it right here. night line is back in just 60 >> from new york city this is "night line". >> paul walker was at the center of the $2 billion franchise that sent him on the fast track to fame. he lived vicariously through his daredevil stunts now hitting too close to home. we have the latest details on the charity event this weekend where things took a turn for the tragic. >> reporter: those blue eyes, that smile, that lead foot. for paul walker it was a recipe for hollywood success. he rose to fame in the fast and furious block busters, those street racing epics, six movies in all that earned urine vestal studios over $2 billion worldwide but now this is his hollywood ending. a fiery crash that killed the 40-year-old actor and his friend. the red porsche so mangled that it was unrecognizable. calling into the question the fate of the latest movie that
. >> welcome to the magic kingdom. >> is it all like this? >> yep. isn't it wonderful? >> do you always get everything you want, walter? >> pretty much. >> reporter: your wife must be glad you got rid of the mustache. >> oh, my lord, yes. i have had three jobs in a row with substantial facial hair. she puts up with a lot. what can i tell you? >> reporter: something he has to deal with, type ii diabetes. is that from gaining weight, losing weight? for roles over the year. >> no, it's from a lifetime of eating horribly. >> reporter: really? about how about this for a professional challenge. the first person to play walt disney on film. >> well, yeah. >> reporter: daunting? >> oh, god, yeah, absolutely. >> reporter: in a movie shot here in burbank and made by a company that still bears disney's name. hanks can handle it. it's a pleasure. >> very nice talking to you. >> reporter: appreciate your time. >> cannot wait to see "saving mr. banks." a rolling open. electrotheters this friday. then every friday december 20th. we'll be right bac ed lg mego ken e 's >>> it's been a great week, everybody.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2